Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Preventive Maintenance Agreements are offered in two separate types...

Premium Inspections (Best)

A Premium Agreement includes a very detailed and intricate type of an inspection for your equipment. This quality inspection encompasses up to 140 individual check points and equipment performance tests. When our technicians complete this inspection, we know if your equipment has any problems and will recommend proper repair options.

Economy Inspections (Good)

An Economy Inspection includes performance tests and checking of various check points. As the name implies, this is designed for a less detailed and thorough inspection compared to our Premium Inspections. Economy Inspections allow us to offer the benefits of inspections at a reduced cost to our customers. With this type of inspection, many smaller problems can be found and repaired before they become MAJOR ONES. The economy inspection is equal to or more detailed than what most of our competitors offer.

Benefits to Preventive Maintenance Plans

  • Failures can be anticipated and prevented
  • Maintenance expenditures can be optimized
  • Useful life will be extended
  • Replacment cash-drain can be avoided
  • Fewer Equipment breakdowns
  • Provides tighter budget controls
  • Enhances safety and comfort to staff, students, and customers
  • More Control over maintenance costs
  • Maintenance effors are directed to areas of greatest cost effectiveness
  • Savings realized in energy conservation
  • Alerts maintenance staff to needed maintenance
  • Inspection results presented in a concise and consistent format
  • Helps pay for itself through substantial energy savings and extended equipment life

A preventive maintenance program must not be taken lightly. Quality inspections must be done on equipment and controls that are utilized in today?s market. This can and often does encompass up to 140 various checkpoints on a single system.

A detailed and thorough cooling inspection can take two to four hours per unit to complete. If these inspections are done by properly trained and conscientious service personnel, the efficiency of the systems will be maintained at maximum levels and service problems will be practically non-existent.

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